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In 1960, James Pasqual Bettio, a young budding photographer, was seeking a
way to elevate the photographic print from the flat two-dimensional print to
the level of an oil artwork with depth and texture. After seven years of
trial and error he created a new process which he named Artography
®. In 1967,
through the sponsorship of Newell Color Lab, of Los Angeles, now called
Photobition LA, and Eastman Kodak the process was unveiled at an exhibition
in the Museum of Science and Industry in Los Angeles California. Artography
was hailed and acknowledged from this time on as a new art form. In 1977 the
Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain accepted Pasqual Bettio as a
Fellow of this prestigious society, and in the year 2000 celebration of a
hundred years of photography, have hailed as an Alternative Process.

The Artography
® process enables changes to be made to the photographic print
without affecting neither the paper nor the original image. The process coats
the image with a protective layer that enables the enhancing of the image by
further layers resembling brush strokes that can be clear or colored.
Therefore any unwanted parts of the photographic print can be eliminated,
enhanced with color, and given depth and texture. Even today, with the advent
of computer graphics that allow for the change of the image, the printed
product is still flat. By applying the process of Artography®, a  computer-enhanced image can benefit from the Artography® process to give it
the depth and texture of an oil painting.

The process is simple enough for the unskilled hand, which makes it
accessible to all that wish to partake in it. Artography
® has been taught
over the years at the Artography
® Academy of Photographic Art and at the
® Satellite at Park Labrea Arts Center in Los Angeles. Educators
have recognized it as an education tool for schools. Large or small
photographic prints can change into an art piece or a made to resemble a
painted miniature. A further benefit of this process is that the resulting
picture is protected against UV rays and dusts and can be put on display
without glass.

The tools of Artography
® will soon be available in a complete kit of the
process, with specially designed brushes, and clear and simple instructions
with a Video demonstrating the process.

Members of the general public can enjoy this photographic art by sending in
their photographs or computer images to the Artography Center at Park Labrea, where their pictures will be enhanced by hand through the Artography
® process and be turned into art works.

On September 10, 2000, an exhibition of Artographic Art by noted photographer  Pasqual Bettio, the process creator, will be held at park Labrea. This  outdoors exhibition is sponsored by Park Labrea, the Los Angeles Cultural  Affairs Department Mid City Regional Council and AT&T.

Further information can be found on the Internet at: www.Artography.net



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